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 Best advice for adults:

“Reality of the life is not learned by reading or listening, until someone faced. Because only bad experience, bad phase and bad situations show the real colors of everyone. Most important lesson someone learned in that time only.

But if someone is sharing their precious life experience which can help us to live a better life. Then we should listen their advices because that advice can help us to don’t make that mistakes what they did.

Best Advice for Adults | Advice to Adults | Best Advice Ever Quotes | Beautiful Advice for Life

So these are some best advices for adults in their 20’s.

1. Never use internet all the time. Spent some time with your family especially with your grandparents. You will know from them about some knowledgeable chapters of life from their experience.

2. Erotic pictures, erotic stories, Porn movies wash your mind completely and fill your mind with lust. Avoid it completely.

3. Do not share any personal information even with the closest person in this screenshot era.

4. Never force anyone to love you. Because this type of relationship never ever succeeds.

5. Always try to enjoy even little too little moments because the time gone never returns.

6. Never try to lose your self-respect. Show the world - if you are bad I am your dad.

7. Do what you like but think before whether it's beneficial for you or not.

8. Money is the most powerful. Without money you are nothing. It doesn't matter how much intelligent you are, if you not have a single coin in your pocket.

9. Not be sad, jealous or lose hope because you are single. Because being single is way better than fake relationships.

10. Never try to impress from anyone you see, just because of his/ her looks.

Best Advice for Adults | Advice to Adults | Best Advice Ever Quotes | Beautiful Advice for Life

11. Never take drugs.

12. Never try smoking.

13. Never try drinking alcohol.

14. Never ever teasing anyone.

15. Never choose any field for your career on someone suggestion just because someone told that handsome salary they will get (it’s mostly not true).

16. Never try any hairstyle according to your friends and hairdresser.

17. Never fight with your parents only they are stand with you whatever the situation is.

18. Never try to be involved in Stupid issues like who is the best actor of, yours or someone else’s?

19. Never play games like PUBG every time. It doesn't play any important role in your life. Because shooting games like PUBG putting bad impact on brain. They make person angry like a hell. And after that he will irritating and see the world as they see the game. Most of the shootouts are happened due to this.

20. Never try to break trust of anyone.

Best Advice for Adults | Advice to Adults | Best Advice Ever Quotes | Beautiful Advice for Life

21. Never buy something which not suits to your pocket. It will ruined your financial condition.

22. Followers and Upvoters on any platform is not important in anyone's life & It'll not give you anything but just a fake pleasure for sometime

23. Never turning your neck around **270°** to see the girls on road while driving. This scares her and anger her and it also injurious to you as well because everything happens on Indian road because everyone thinks he's formula one racer.

24. Never trust on anyone in terms of money.

25. True love lost somewhere. Don't waste your precious time on this. Relationships are just limited to social websites like TINDER. Most of the girls are in relationship for their luxury requirements and most of the boys are in Relationships for the fulfillment of their lust. It's better if you focus on your career.

26. If you are successful then everyone wants to be the part of that. But no one cares if you are struggling. In the bad phase of life, People especially neighbors and relatives try to defame your personality by saying this you are not successful or not married is just all your fault. Learn how to ignore and achieve your goals.

27. If someone is think that their friends, well-wishers stand always with him is the biggest foolishness someone think. Just wait for your bad phase of life. Real colors will comes to you. Similar People try to ignore you and not received your calls etc.

28. Most of the people fall for beautiful ones but the reality is that in the most of the cases they are arrogant because of their looks. Rather than falling for that people love someone who loves and cares about you. You never regret.

29. Never do for others blindly either they forget your doings or otherwise think you are stupid.

30. Having a boyfriend / girlfriend before marriage is not a big deal. It has been given a big boost, so much.

Best Advice for Adults | Advice to Adults | Best Advice Ever Quotes | Beautiful Advice for Life

31. Most of the people just enjoy your failures it’s better not to reveal it even to the closest person.

32. Never ever damn excited or too friendly with someone after just one meeting. Because sharp knife has a face also.

33. Family plays a very important role in everyone's life. They support you whatever the situation is. Having family support is a biggest blessing. Proud on them.

34. You should not compared yourself with each and every person. Because everyone is perfect in their own way.

35. Not be the part of fighting, Eve teasing, Gangs. In simple words - Wastage of time and affecting image badly.

36. Many people will be coming in your life. They’ll say try alcohol, cigarettes and drugs. Especially with this golden lines - TRY FOR ME, YOU ARE MY BROTHER AND AFTERALL IT'S MY BIRTHDAY. Aim of these types of person is to make you addicted. Because they know very well that today we give and tomorrow you will give them. Avoid these type of persons.

37. Saving money for future. Only God knows what will happen in upcoming years.

38. Behavior of the person matters a lot rather than how fair or beautiful he or she is.

39. Never buy something from close ones. Because it creates differences in relations.

40. It's better to carry your food and water bottles on new places. Otherwise Many people charges at the skyrocket prices.

Best Advice for Adults | Advice to Adults | Best Advice Ever Quotes | Beautiful Advice for Life

41. Never ever trust on anyone in terms of money. World is full of cunning people.

42. Someone support and helps you - is a myth. You are a lone warrior in this world. You have to survive in this world with your own mind and tactics.

43. Circumstances plays a very important role in the path of achieved the dreams. Whether you succeed or not succeed to achieve it. Learn how to manage and adjust accordingly.

44. Biggest enemy is desire and expectations.

45. Never ever trust blindly anyone especially on social media because world is full of cunning people.

46. Well, if you tell your failures, secrets and weaknesses to the closest person. Then think twice because sharp knife has a face also. People changes like season.

47. World has a lots of colors. Now its choice depend which club you join. Positive mindset people or negative mindset people.

48. Spending hours on internet especially on social media a wastage of time. If you not used it properly.

49. Well, Chatting on social media or either in Comments section on someone post. Think twice ladies and gentlemen. SCREENSHOT are coming with answer. Destruction is ready for you.

50. Starting doesn't matter. Result matters.

Best Advice for Adults | Advice to Adults | Best Advice Ever Quotes | Beautiful Advice for Life

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